Welcome Party Report

Hi, everyone.  How are you?  I have been sick since the welcome party.  I haven't been sick like this for a loooooong time.  I wonder why...  There is a saying in Japan - BAKA (stupid person) doesn't get cold.  I might have finally gotten a little smarter lately (^ ^).  I am sure that's why I got sick so bad.

Well, let's get back to the report.  I have to say, the party came out OK.  Thank you very much for those who came to the party.  We had many many people even though it was tough to get there due to the heavy traffic and busy evening schedules.  Even though we tried to have kid's section so that the little ones would have more free space, there was only limited space and it wasn't possible at the welcome party.  I think having the kid's space is something that we should continuously consider in the future events.

I also want to thank those who helped before and during the party:  Oshiro-san and Joe Watanabe-san for the karaoke machine, Tsuchino-san for sending out the invitations, Midori-san for the flowers and the table numbers, Keiko-san for being receptionist, Kasumi-san for being MC, Sakiko-san for singing, Jayden and Lauren for the presentation, Aiko-chan for the kid's circle...I can only remember these people but I am sure that I forgot many.  If I didn't mention, I am so sorry.  I thank you all for being part of the Kenjinkai and the party. 

Many things didn't go nicely and it was far from being perfect but I think the party was good because we all were there.  It was obvious that many young families came to the party and the demography of our group had shifted.  I think we are headding toward new direction.  The change is always tough and uncomfortable but I believe that the change will bring us better future especially for our kids.

As you notice, there is no pictures.  I didn't have time to take any during the party (T T).  If you took any, please send them over to kaizokuyoko@gmail.com so that I can share them with others. 

I will share the pictures as soon as they come in.  See you next time :D